July 12, 2022 - Our first K-Pop blog post!

July 12, 2022 - Our first K-Pop blog post!

July 12, 2022

Image of Limited Edition Toys' mascots Mina (left) and Ellie (Right) listening to music.


Hello everybody and welcome to our first K-Pop blog post! We have a lot of stock that we wanted to highlight in our first post, as well as let you all know about some upcoming releases! Keep reading to the end for a code for some freebies with your online order.


Girl Groups

Image of K-Pop group TWICE members.

One of our store favorites, TWICE, just renewed their contract as of July 11th! Twice’s “Formula of Love” (Result File version) is their newest Korean release from last fall, and we have lots of copies in stock! For those who are looking to add this to their collection, Formula of Love is only $25, available in-store and online. We also have their debut album, “The Story Begins”, which features photocards of the members’ cute baby pictures! The album retails for $27, and is a great addition for anyone who is either just starting their collection or looking to complete it. We also have Twice’s Candybong Z lightstick in stock for $68! We have lots in stock so make sure to get yours before the next tour is announced! Check out the rest of our Twice stock here!

Image of K-Pop group Blackpink.

Speaking of lightsticks, we also have the Blackpink Official Lightstick (version 2)! While there is (sadly) still no upcoming Blackpink albums on the radar, we have merch and albums to keep Blinks busy until their next comeback! Check out our Blackpink collection here

Next up is LOONA! We have a lot of Loona in stock, and some of our store favorites are Hula Hoop/Starseed - Kakusei ($40), Chuu’s solo album ($23), and Yeojin’s solo album ($21). Check out the rest of our Loona stock here.

Image of K-Pop group STAYC.

We have all the STAYC albums as of the time of this post! There is a new album coming out this month, but we have all of their albums for you to stock up on your collection before the next comeback. Check out the albums here. We have just a few copies of the Young-Luv.com Jewel Case version left, so be sure to grab it fast for $23.


Check out our other girl group albums here!

Boy Groups

Image of K-pop group BTS.

Attention ARMY! The latest release from BTS, the Proof anthology contains all of BTS’ greatest hits from their career so far, as well as some unreleased tracks and lots of photocards and inclusions for $75. We currently only have the standard edition, which is the one with all of the inclusions. Check out our other BTS stock here!

Image of K-pop group Tomorrow X Together.

Another new release in the store is Tomorrow X Together’s “Thursday’s Child”, and we have the END, HATE, and MESS versions for $34 each, and the TEAR version for $24. We love TXT here at Limited Edition Toys, and for any other MOA’s who love TXT as much as we do, check out the rest of our stock here.

Image of K-pop group NCT Dream.

The newest release from NCT Dream,Beatbox is in stock for $34! This new album is a repackage of their 2nd album, Glitch Mode, which we also have in stock for $33. Check our other NCT releases here!

We have many other boy groups not mentioned, please check out our Boy Groups section on our website here.

Solo Artists

Image of K-pop artist Taeyeon.
Image of K-pop artist IU.

We don’t have many albums from solo artists yet due to lack of demand, but you can check what we do have in stock here. We have releases from Taeyeon, IU, and others and we will be getting more soon!

Coming Soon to LE Toys

Image of K-pop artist Nayeon (TWICE).

Coming to the store soon is Twice’s oldest member Nayeon’s solo debut album, “IM NAYEON”. The album was released on June 24th, and we will be getting all four versions in stock very soon! IM NAYEON is a bubbly, fun start to the summer and we’re very excited to have it in store soon. Keep an eye out for new releases updates or give us a call to check to see if we have it in stock!

Image of K-pop group Loona.

Also coming soon to the store is Loona’s newest release from June 20, “Flip That”! Along with POP! by Nayeon, Flip That has gone viral on TikTok and stolen the hearts of K-Pop fans around the world. Be on the lookout for Flip That coming soon to Limited Edition Toys!

Image of K-pop group Kep1er.

Also released on June 20th was Kep1er’s “Doublast”, adding onto the list of fun summer releases coming soon to LE Toys. We also have Kep1er’s debut album, First Impact in stock if you really can’t wait to get your hands on some great 4th gen music. Be on the lookout for announcements of when Doublast gets to us. 

Image of K-pop group aespa.

Just released on July 8th is aespa’s newest mini album, “Girls”! Featuring new tracks such as their first English single, “Life’s Too Short” and recently released single “Illusion”, aespa has already broken records for album sales with their newest album, and we’re excited to get it in store! Stay tuned for updates on Girls coming soon!

We love K-Pop here at Limited Edition Toys, and if there’s any more artists you’d like to see in our store let us know by filling out this Google Form.

Image showing the goodies received using the code KPOPGOODIES22 - personalized thank you note, toploader, and stickers.

If you’ve read this far and are ready to buy some albums, head on over to https://limitededitionpdx.com and use the code KPOPGOODIES22 at checkout to get some freebies with your order!

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you in our store either in person or online soon!

Stay safe and healthy!

~LE Toys


Just released:

6/2: JO YURI - The 1st Mini Album <𝑶𝒑.𝟐𝟐 𝒀-𝑾𝒂𝒍𝒕𝒛 : 𝒊𝒏 𝑴𝒂𝒋𝒐𝒓>

6/10: BTS - Proof


6/16: DAWN - Stupid Cool

6/20: Kep1er - DOUBLAST

6/20: LOONA - Flip That


6/27: fromis_9 - from our Memento Box


7/5: WJSN - Last Sequence

7/8: aespa - Girls

7/12: Super Junior - The Road : Keep on Going

Coming soon:

7/15: j-hope - Jack in the Box

7/15: ITZY - Checkmate

7/15: TWICE - Celebrate (Japanese release)

7/18: SEVENTEEN - Sector 17

7/19: STAYC - We Need Love

7/20: Hyuna - (title not released), not sure if new album

7/25: Purple Kiss - Geekyland


8/26: TWICE - BETWEEN 1&2

*BLACKPINK comeback in August, no date yet!

*Girls’ Generation comeback in August, no date yet!

*SUNMI released a song on 6/29, be on lookout for a new album soonish!

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